Open Source

The museum has established an excellent rapport with local schools in order to engage in a dialogue with the staff to explore ways in which the museum could enrich the learning experience of the pupils.

Some of the help we can offer include the following:

  • We can loan items to schools to add an extra dimension to history projects
  • We regularly arrange visits by museum staff to schools or visits by schools to the museum.
  • There are regular sessions during the year when pupils from local schools take over the Museum to show members of the public or their fellow pupils round
  • We can accommodate small temporary exhibitions designed by school children
  • We occasionally work with a school on a local project such as designing and building a WW1 trench
  • The museum has a vast range of contacts with local people who have a deep knowledge of aspects of local history that could be useful for schools.

Enriching the curriculum

The museum would also like to emphasise to schools that it is not just in the discipline of History that we had something to offer. We could offer opportunities for students of Media, Business, Information Technology, English Language, Art and Design, Drama and many other subject areas. We could also offer work experience to suitable pupils.

To discuss how the museum and your school could work together please contact the museum using the contact details on this web site.

talk to a support agent

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